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Production of wooden houses
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Production of wooden houses


The Etnodom enterprise builds fellings in traditions of wooden architecture. Since ancient times houses built of a tree or in a stone combination to a tree. That is the tree was present and is present almost at each construction of housing. A tree as natural material, on the properties concrete, plastic, etc. of People was always closer to the person, than, living in the wooden house, feels physically and emotionally much better, than in metal-concrete monolithic houses where the reinforced lattice limits power communication of the person with the nature. What in turn causes frequent, and at times and serious diseases and depressions.

The wooden house felling creates comfortable microclimatic conditions for the person. Thanks to hygroscopic properties of wood in damp season wood incorporates excess moisture, and gives this moisture to a hot season, creating thereby the stable level of moisture and heat indoors.

 The wall of a wooden structure unlike stone structures does not accumulate in itself in the winter cold, and does not heat up to high temperature in the summer that reduces expenses on heating or cooling of the room. It is easier to warm up such house in the winter, and in the hot summer it bears a cool for the inhabitants.

Getting the modern comfortable wooden house, you lay the foundation for health and the longevity and the family. And the unique unique interior by the individual order, will create a cosiness and harmony in your house.

Only present, each log of your house grew many years, absorbing energy of the nature which is ready to be given you.

We love the work not only for a possibility of manifestation of creative individual approach, but also for the fact that we can present you a cosiness and joy of accommodation, in constructed by us domakh.a.

Information is up-to-date: 25.01.2018

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